If you’ve never used a mural artist, faux finisher or decorative painter before you may well have a number of questions. Pick up my ebook and you’ll likely find a few more, plus some of the things to look out for before making a decision about who to hire. Click on the image below to get your free copy.


Although I’ve been a mural artist, faux finisher and decorative painter since 1992, before then I was a graphic, exhibition and interior designer. So, you could say I’ve experienced this from both sides. As a designer I regularly hired freelance artists and trades people and am well aware of some of the common problems we can create. The two most common issues I faced were: underestimating – either time or cost, and occasionally both; and failure to communicate.

I make it a habit to be on time. To start when I say I will and to do what is agreed. And if I can’t, I’ll let you know so you’re not left wondering. I won’t increase my price once a project is underway unless you add substantially to the scope of the project and we agree it will be extra before I continue.

I see each project as an opportunity to help people bring their imagination to life, to bring out the feeling they want in their home.

I have worked with homeowners, designers, builders and painting contractors. I have helped select colors and where to use them to achieve a desired effect. But mostly I have created and crafted just the right finish, decorative detail or mural to suit the required style and budget.

Over the last few years I have been frequently engaged to repair or extend existing finishes originally painted by other artists who have either left the area or the business. This requires a different set of skills from an original installation project and can sometimes be even more challenging – particularly if the original colors aren’t available and have to be visually matched on site.

My aim is to be as unobtrusive as possible and my intent is always to do what is required as efficiently as possible.

I have decorated just about everything. From whimsical laundry rooms and children’s bedrooms to traditional formal living rooms. From Santa Barbara style great rooms to Tuscany style farmhouse kitchens.

Wherever your home needs a special touch, I can paint the “WOW!” on your walls.

For more information, to see my portfolio, request a free consultation or estimate, or simply to ask a question, contact me – Doug Morris: 480.232.9778 | doug(@)fineartdecor.net.

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