My first blog post! "My Artist Statement"

Posted by Chau Ming Beck on Oct 7th 2019



Artist Statement

These works represent a combination of time spanning more than 40 years in conceptual thought, but the subject matter of transitional art, from Eastern to Western philosophy of art trans spans the millenniums. As the Eastern Art Culture employed rice paper and watercolors with translucent inks and oils, layers of singled brush fragment images that when completed showed beautiful pieces of art.

The Western style of oils and canvas with all the vivid colors show the unique pictorials of the artist thoughts and feelings.

Quote: "Through many years of studying with both masters of the East and West art philosophies, I have

developed a true understanding of both techniques which I employ within my works by using oils,

canvas, colors, with the use of the eastern brush translucent technique to embody my art.

The true creation of art is the expression of life, ethics, and emotions that contribute to the art that will transcend through future generations."

Thank you

Chau Ming Beck