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Desert mural with hot air balloon

Mediterranean mural painted in a Tempe, AZ backyard

Flowering cactus mural painted in a Carefree, AZ master bedroom

Lilac bushes mural painted on a Peoria backyard block wall

View with sunflowers painted on a shipping container-storage unit in a Phoenix backyard

Mural for a child's bedroom featuring her favorite pastimes, pets and people

Mural for the Tolleson, AZ library

Mural Painting: Places

desert mural painted on a garage door


backyard beach

Tuscany vineyard mural for a Cave Creek home

Farmhouse mural for a Mesa home

Park mural for a Mesa home

sunset sky ceiling mural

Warehouse mural painting and Tuscan faux finish for a Peoria office/warehouse

Sedona Arizona mural painting for a North Phoenix home

California winery mural painting for a Scottsdale home

Cactus mural painting with quail for a Scottsdale home

Tuscany mural for an Ahwatukee home

Tuscany street mural painting for a Laveen home

Italian countryside mural for a Scottsdale home

Tropical island mural painting for a Scottsdale home

Woodlands mural for a Phoenix home


Tuscan farmhouse mural for a Paradise Valley home

Mountain lake mural for a home for abused teenage girls in Glendale

Tropical paradise mural for a Paradise Valley home

Desert mural painted on a stairway wall in a Scottsdale home

Window mural with a French countryside view for a Peoria home

Sky mural painted on a domed ceiling in a Scottsdale home

shipwreck mural

Tuscan hills mural for a Gilbert home

Patio mural for a Gilbert home

Arizona landscape mural painting for ASU

Brightly colored south west landscape mural painting for a Scottsdale home

Tranquil lake mural for a Gilbert home

Desert mural for a Phoenix home

Mural featuring surfers for a Scottsdale home

Walls and ceiling Tuscan courtyard mural for a Paradise Valley home

Mural of a view from a cruise ship for a Litchfield Park home

Mural painting of a golf course through a window for a Peoria home

Garden mural painted on a Phoenix cooker hood

Mural of a desert view through a trompe l'oeil arch for a Scottsdale home

Mural painting of Brighton beach in England for a Phoenix home

Mural of a cactus at twilight for a Scottsdale home

desert golf course mural for a Scottsdale home

Mural of Mesa Verde for a Scottsdale home

Mural of a sleepy Mexican village for a Scottsdale home

Mural Painting: Places

mural painting for a Gilbert home

Tuscan landscape mural for a Gilbert home

Desert mountain mural for a Scottsdale home

Mural of a desert with clouds for a Goodyear home

Aspen grove mural for a Gilbert home

Mural ideas

Murals can cover just about any subject with any level of detail and can be painted pretty much anywhere.

A mural can be used as a centerpieces or a background, to bring the outdoors in, to bring the hills of Tuscany into the desert of Arizona or a baseball star into a son’s bedroom. Add a sky mural painting to a ceiling and suddenly you’re dining al fresco. Paint a forest mural around your master tub and you can bathe in the peace of a woodland glade. And a full wall mural can bring the tranquility of a mountain lake touched by the afternoon sun into a home filled with troubled teenagers.

Window murals painted in the right place can open up a view in a way no wall hung painting can. Paint a mural in a niche and you can feel like you’re looking into a different world – whether it be an Italian lake, a beach or a tropical island.

Sports wall murals are big for games rooms although the mural of Fenway Park was painted in a child’s bedroom.

People usually have a clear idea of what they want in their mural, some even providing photographic references, but many need help with the specifics. So the first stage is often a sketch bringing together the different elements – although if the photographic references are good enough, I’ll work direct from them and just prepare a full size working tracing.

Click on the mural images above for larger pictures and more detail about each project. Some of these are big files so they may take some time to show up.

For more information, to see my portfolio, request a free consultation or estimate, or simply to ask a question, contact me – Doug Morris: 480.232.9778 | doug(@)

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