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wine bottle mural



cherry blossom mural


violets mural

flower mural

stylized tree mural

abstract painting mural





Small scale murals and decorative artwork

This is the use of painted imagery to add character and interest to a room or feature. Whether the decorative painting is applied directly to a wall or painted on a panel built in to the structure, these small scale murals and decorative artwork are usually produced to be an integral part of a building.

Although similar to mural painting, decorative artwork may be characterized as a smaller, isolated image or group of images which although they may be related, and even linked, do not completely cover the structural surface to form a single picture.

A common example would be a group of panels or images, each of which may have a different subject but a common theme, such as different fruits for a kitchen. Other popular subjects for kitchens include vines, flowers, and food and drink.

Decorative artwork may be very realistic, even creating a trompe l’oeil effect, or a more stylized interpretation of the subject, depending on the effect required.

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