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A Painted Cooker Hood in a Paradise Valley kitchen

painted cooker hood

This painted cooker hood project presented a couple of unique problems. Because the cooker hood curved outward from from back to front and side to side it wasn’t possible to wrap the diamonds without distortion. Rather than paint the diamonds to the front corners on the side panels which would have resulted in ugly mismatches at the corners, I left a 2″ border down the front edge. Because of the lighting, the metallic painted fleur de lis originally appeared darker on the side panels than the front. To even this out, the side fleur de lis were painted with a silver metallic base and the front ones were painted with a darker pewter metallic. Not for the first time, I was also thankful that I am slim, if not skinny. I had to stand on the counter top and squeeze into the space between the wall cabinets and the cooker hood in order to paint the lower sections of the side panels. On reflection it would have been impossible to complete that part of the project any other way with any certainty of the diamonds and fleau de lis being aligned properly.

cooker hood painting stages

painted cooker hood side view

cooker hood painted diamonds detail

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