Turkish Sammovar Copper Handmade Electric Samovar 4L Inside Tin Coated Kettle Water Heater Tea Maker Turkish Hand-painted.

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Copper Hand Painted Electric Samovar Tea Kettle

The samovar is usable for

 heating water,
 brewing tea or coffee using the teapot on top,
supplying hot water for washing up even shower!
· The samovar offers you a unforgettably tasty tea, coffee and hot drinks.
· The samovar keeps heat for a long time.
· The samovar is usable with electric.
· The samovar has wooden handles and a hot water tap.
· Hand- painted
· Made by experienced Artisans
· Use can as a decorative item.
· Solid copper is tin coated inside for safety and durability.
· 100% Handmade and handcrafted copper.
· Heat adjustable resistance

Net weight : 5 LBS
Volume : 1 Gallon

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