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Do you need Venetian Plaster repaired or a faux finish repaired or extended because of . . .

  • Nail holes or dings and scrapes from wear and tear
  • Patches where you’ve moved speakers or added outlets
  • Water damage that’s been fixed
  • Adding a room or extending one


Venetian Plaster Repairs and Faux Finish Repairs

If you have a decorative wall finish that needs some TLC, I can help. Seamless repairs are possible. Check out the examples below. All except the beach mural took less than a day, most less than 4 hours. Very occasionally it’s more cost-effective to repaint a complete wall than repair a patch. In twenty years that has only been necessary three times.

Many repairs can be carried out on the first visit. This depends on whether the drywall has already been repaired and the size and number of patches to be taken care of. It also makes a difference if the original colors/paints are available in useable condition. For an estimate you can either email me pictures of the required repairs with an indication of their location and size or, if that’s not practical, I can come take a look.
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Click on images for more pictures and details.

Faux Painting Repair

Along with Venetian plaster repair and retouching or extending existing faux finishes or repairing them requires a different set of skills from an original installation project. This is because you’re generally reproducing on a small scale a finish that’s been applied to a large area, so you can’t apply the paint in the same way. In many cases the finish may have been originally painted by another artist, and quite often there are no retouching materials available. To achieve the same look you may need to use a small brush and build the paint in layers instead of using a rag to wipe the paint on or off like the original technique. The criteria here is to reproduce the look of the existing finish, not necessarily the technique.

This can sometimes be more challenging to do than an original finish – particularly if the original colors aren’t available and have to be visually matched on site, where you have to determine which combination of colors when blended will achieve the existing look. The minimum objective is to arrive at a result where if you didn’t know there was a patch or a match you wouldn’t notice it. The best result, of course, is when you can’t see it even when you know where to look.

For more information, to see my portfolio, request a free consultation or estimate, or simply to ask a question, contact me – Doug Morris: 480.232.9778 | doug(@)

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